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Summary Prices

Annual Swinging Mooring

£40 per ft per year including free storage ashore

Summer Store & Launch

(April – September) - £495

Annual Mooring Maintenance Contract

£5.75 per ft of boat length

(Not charged if you are on a Rudders mooring!)

All above prices include vat!


Key Advantages Of Our Annual Swinging Moorings

  • No Crown Estate or MHPA mooring fees to pay

  • All tide access

  • Free car parking

  • Free dinghy storage

  • Deep water Pontoon

  • We service all of the moorings annually

  • Toilets/Showers

  • Use of launching trolley

  • Free use of Quay wall

  • Free storage ashore for annual mooring holders

  • On site assistance

Key Advantages Of Our Summer Store & Launch Service

  • All tide access

  • Free car parking

  • Toilets/Showers

  • We launch / recover your boat for you

  • No antifouling needed

  • Less maintenance on your boat needed

  • No towing your boat back and forth

  • Boat safely ashore when not in use

  • Use of the deep water pontoon at all hours

  • Price includes storage and unlimited launching

  • On site assistance

2019 Price List

All prices now INCLUDE VAT


Storage ashore  75p/ft (length inc. trailer) per week 
Lift in/out(min rate charge 23ft)   £3.75/ft Chocking at basic hourly rate
Lift, hold & relaunch     £5.25/ft
 Bring to/from mooring  £16 (at Rudders)
Mast up or down (owner prep) £3.95per ft of boat length (min £40.00)
Mast up or down (yard prep)  £4.95per ft of boat (min £50.00)
Tractor launch or recover   £24.00 (each way) Use of pontoon £5 per day 
Powerwash below waterline  £3.00/ft including 
Electricity  At cost (metered)
Antifoul     £6.95 ft per coat including labour
Quay wall & leaning posts £20.00 per day (free to mooring holders)
Ferry service/ Tender launching  £6 return
Brokerage 8% of selling price

General engine servicing & boatyard repairs undertaken. Please ask

Labour rate - £45 per hr on site.  £47.00 per hr offsite

Terms & conditions apply   ~  VAT included at 20%   ~   Prices subject to change.
Call us on 01646 600288

Moorings (Note all moorings charged per foot at min of 23ft, max 50ft)

 One night                                  £12.00 per nt 

One week                                  £2.90 per ft

One month                                 £7.80 per ft

Six month summer                    £32.00 per ft

Six month winter                        £21.00 per ft

Annual mooring*                        £40.00 per ft

Annual mooring price includes:- Free dinghy storage, free car parking, toilets/showers, use of the deep water landing pontoon, all state of the tide slipway, no servicing fees to pay, no crown estate or MHPA fees to pay, choose to be ashore or a float at anytime.

201 Special offer; All prices include vat

Deepwater mooring including anytime storage ashore just £130/meter/annum 

Semi-drying mooring including anytime storage ashore just £100/meter/annum  

Other Great offers available on boatyard services, please phone for more details.

Store and Launch Services

Dry-Rack Berthing. £120 per month up to 7 Meter, plus £10 per meter over 7M

Lift and launch service for motor boats, no minimum boat length, maximum weight of 6 tons. No trailer required, same benefits as the store and launch service but it eliminates the need for you to have a trailer!

Store and Launch Service £495 from April – September or £100 Per month.

Store your boat on its trailer in our yard and we will launch and recover it. Phone us the day before, or before 10.00am on the day you wish to use the boat to book a launch time. Trailers must be in a serviceable condition. All boats on trailers must be on launching service 1st April to 31st September, payable in advance. During these months we do not offer trailer boat storage only.

Other Private Moorings within the Milford Haven

Moorings made up & laid: £34 per foot of boat length (min 23ft boat) 

Moorings serviced £5.75 per foot serviced on annual contract. £7.50 per foot one off.

Terms & conditions apply   ~  VAT included at 20%   ~   Prices subject to change.
Call us on 01646 600288

RYA Powerboat School

RYA Powerboat Level 2 courses from only £250pp

This price includes Handbook & Certificates